7 Hemorrhoid Symptoms You Probably Didn’t Notice Yet!

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It’s highly unlikely that you’ll live your life without developing a hemorrhoid. These little pain bumps on your bum are a real nuisance and they can be just as stubborn to get rid of. There are some preventative measures you can take to lessen the likelihood of getting them, like having good fiber and exercise every day.

Stress can also be a contributor to your odds of contracting hemorrhoids. They are, after all, affected by the quality of blood flow through your veins. Whether they are inhibited by over-exertion of the muscles in the surrounding area or by poor overall blood flow, this is what leads to their appearance.

That means eating spicy foods will not have a direct consequence of having hemorrhoids, only if that creates constant diarrhea, which irritates the bowels, causing inflammation, which can lead to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is also a very common time when hemorrhoids occur, this really can’t be avoided.

While the different symptoms of hemorrhoids are very common, some of them are not really visible or noticeable. This is mostly true for internal hemorrhoids. Below are some of the rarer symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you experience any of them, you might have to consider treating them soon.

1. Darkened stools hemorrhoids-symtoms

For milder cases or Grade 1 hemorrhoid, the streaks of blood or the red blotches may not be visible yet. But they can affect the color of your stool just the same. The stool can get really dark because of the piles.

2. The feeling of fullness

The sensation in the anus area is not going to be the same if you have hemorrhoids. It’s like there’s still something trapped inside you that you have to release. This is the reason why those who are suffering from this condition feel that they have never emptied out their stomach even if they sit on the toilet all day.

3. Pain comes and goes

Some people who suffer from hemorrhoids may feel pain in the next 48 to 72 hours, but could experience relief after a few days. However, the same painful sensation may come back anytime soon. If the condition is recurring or intermittent, it is best that you talk to your doctor about it. He may recommend something to ease the pain.

4. Lumps that sometimes disappears

There are hemorrhoids that are only visible when pushed down by the rectal muscles. Some may actually be painless and can even be pushed back up. Regardless of how the prolapse look or feel, it’s still hemorrhoid. You don’t have to wait for it to get painful before you do something about it. Also, pushing it back up won’t make it disappear. Proper treatment is still necessary.

5. Mucus discharge

If you see any discharge in the anus area, you might want to be a little concerned. Mucus discharges are very common symptoms of hemorrhoids. At times, they can get more common than bleeding. Furthermore, it is also the mucus that causes irritation.

6. Skin tags

Skin tags are actually residual effects of hemorrhoids. If you have a problem with skin tags, you may want to know if they are hemorrhoids or are just a residue of a previous instance of the disease. Sometimes, doctors will recommend its surgical removal if they cause a lot of discomfort.

7. Abnormal toilet habits

Hemorrhoids can change the way you use the toilet. Most probably, you’ll visit the bathroom more frequently than before because of it.

While hemorrhoid is a disease that nobody is happy to acquire, there really isn’t any reason to be alarmed just yet. As a matter of fact, you can use natural treatment methods to experience immediate relief. Visit Hemorrhoids No More for more information about this disease and how to treat them naturally.


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