Why Sitting Too Much Causes Hemorrhoids: What To Do Instead!

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It happens to almost all of us, 75% of us in fact. Those little, irritating, and quite frankly embarrassing bumps on our bums. Hemorrhoids form when the veins in that region swell up and become inflamed. They can be a bit of concern for those who have never had them before, but there is usually nothing immediately serious to be worried about. However, it could be a sign that you need to make some lifestyle adjustments to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back and to make sure nothing more serious does develop.

Hemorrhoids can be caused for various reasons, but the root cause of why people get hemorrhoids is due to excessive stress and pressure on the rectum, which can be due to pregnancy, constipation, or being obese, but most often comes from constantly sitting down for prolonged periods of time. Whether you are sitting all day at work, in front of your TV, in your car, or even when you’re sitting on the toilet, excessive sitting can be very problematic for your health, particularly as it pertains to hemorrhoids.

Occupational Hazard

As you might imagine, many of our modern employment positions require prolonged periods of sitting: secretaries, receptionists, office clerks, data entry, truck drivers, police officers, and even students are required to stay seated for hours on end. While truck drivers and police officers don’t have much say in how long they sit down, many other job positions can be more flexible.

Take Breaks From Sitting: It is advised for any office worker to always sit up and stretch their legs for a few minutes every hour. This is excluding the required 15min breaks and your lunch break. Don’t settle for using those as your only opportunities to get up. Do some body weight exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups every hour. Your co-workers might look at you funny, but this will make you much healthier as it will keep the blood flowing, increase your energy, decrease your risk of hemorrhoids, and it will improve your productivity at work.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember to stand up and take a break when you are so focused on your work, so setting reminders or alarms can be helpful. I always forget to do this, which is why my Apple Watch has come in handy. It senses if I have been sitting for a while and it will remind me to stand for at least 1 minute every hour.

Ergonomic Seating: Some offices are supplied with basic, rundown chairs that are only making the problem worse. While some chairs get extremely fancy and expensive, I personally like the balance ball chairs. These can be affordable compared to other office chairs, and since the ball has a lot of “give,” it drastically reduces pressure on the rectum. Not to mention they are great for back health as well. You may have to lobby your employer to invest in one of these for you, or at the very least, find out if you can supply your own chair if they say no. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Stand-Sit Desks: This expands on the last idea of getting your company to invest in more ergonomically-built office equipment. A standing desk that can convert to a sitting desk with no effort is the best investment that any company can make for its office employees. This gives freedom to the employees to stand or sit whenever they’d like. It can help improve focus, energy, and of course, reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids as well as reduce the chances of them coming back.

Reduce Toilet Time

Aside from these strategies used at work, reducing the time you spend sitting on the toilet can reduce your chances of developing hemorrhoids as well. While one important factor is altering your diet by increasing fiber, drinking plenty of water, and eliminating processed junk food, another important but often overlooked factor is your bathroom posture.

One easy way to quickly and effortlessly improve your bathroom posture is the incorporation of a Squatty Potty. By putting yourself in a more natural squat position, you will be able to produce a bowel movement with much less force and in much less time. Two key components that lead to hemorrhoids.

These strategies for reducing the time spent sitting will drastically improve your overall health and well-being, and it will certainly reduce the chances of you developing hemorrhoids from sitting too much.

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Image Source: participaction.com/employers-should-encourage-a-healthy-workforce/

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